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A Voyage Around Mike Tyson

The job of great journalism is to seek, find and glean information, unlocking pearls of wisdom through revelation, that no one else can get close to.In his conversation with Mike Tyson entitled: The Interview That I Never Had, Pepe Sulaiman dovetails its beginning, with a skyline pigeon quote from the Indigenous American culture, and so very apt, because Michael Gerard Tyson`s first ever real fight was about the death of this close to home bird.With age comes wisdom, and the silver-gray stubble on Mike`s chin, acquired and earned from life`s hard knocks, symbolizes his fully grown capacity to look at himself from the outside in… beside myself not with anger, but introspection. And this provides a fascinating insight into the middle-aged man, candidly assessing his younger generation self, and the cards of life he`s been dealt, from the joker to king of the ring and its ace.“I`m so small, I`m hardly noticed. But I make a lot of noise. That`s how I look at my life. We need adversity in our life, and we need to be competitive. I look at myself as a seeker.”Asked what he would e mail to Cus D`Amato, if Cus was within communicable reach, even though he`s out of this World, Mike smiles and replies: “How did I do?”For the extraordinary life he`s led, Mike Tyson is more than a man, and this is far more than an interview. It`s unique!Judge for yourself.  For or against…but don`t sit on the fence and be neutral.  Take a chance and with it a long reflective glance at:

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