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Boxer of the Quirinal, aka ‘Boxer at rest’

Boxer of the Quirinal , is a Hellenistic Greek bronze sculpture of a sitting nude boxer at rest, still wearing his himantes, a type of leather hand-wrap. It has been given various dates within the period of about 330 to 50 BC.

 It was excavated in Rome in 1885, and is now in the collection of the  National Museum of Rome , normally displayed in the  Palazzo Massimo alle Terme .

The literary and aesthetic reception of the statue continues to be of high regard for its aesthetic virtues. In 1991,  Thom Jones  wrote “The Pugilist at Rest”, a short story which includes the aesthetic reflection upon the statue’s rare quality as seen through the eyes of a worn and weary boxer contemplating its inspiration. He suggested that the sitter may be the famed Ancient boxer,  Theogenes . During the time of its display in New York during the summer of 2013 (ended 20 July),  New York  magazine published on 15 July 2013 a full page dedication to the special qualities and attributes of the statue.

The sculpture is significant to both art and boxing history.

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