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Feds’ 4th Amateur Boxing Tournament

During a presser at the Federal Police HQ, located in the El Rosedal neighborhood, all the details of the fourth national amateur boxing tournament November 23 to 25 were unveiled.

Thus was scheduled to take place in 2020, however, due to the pandemic it had to be postponed. Now all is ready for this sports event to begin, where the National Defense Secretariat, the Decentralized Administrative Body for Prevention and Social Rehabilitation, the Citizen Security Secretariat of Mexico City, the Banking and Industrial Police of the Mexico City, the Auxiliary Police of Mexico City, Public Security and Traffic of Nezahualcóyotl, the State Police of the State of Mexico and Public Security and Traffic of Atizapán de Zaragoza, are all part of it.

This was announced by Luis Wertman Zaslav, Commissioner of the Federal Protection Service, explaining that boxing is one of the sports that handles the three basic principles of a police officer, which are: health, self-confidence and struggle to be better citizens through discipline and that as in previous years, the tournament has the same objective to promote sports, establish healthy lifestyles and strengthen the spirit of competition.

“The tournament carries not only the competition, but also the brotherhood and tradition that we exude as Mexicans and that unites us in boxing. That is why we are very happy to have this tournament again after the pandemic”. -he commented-

He also thanked the support of the World Boxing Council, represented on this occasion by Mr. Héctor Sulaimán.

For Chief Commissioner Jorge Aarón Hirschberg Salazar and the Chief Commissioner. Violeta Millán Zamora, this tournament has been from its beginnings one of the ones that has summoned the most participants and that the police officers have adopted as their own for various reasons, among them is that it promotes health and good physical condition, in addition to strengthening procedure through discipline.

 For Mr. Héctor Sulaimán, president of Scholas Ocurrntes, and who was representing the WBC’s President Mr. Mauricio Sulaimán, these types of events are the ones that should be replicated in all corners of the world. Not only does it improve physical health, but also generates competitiveness.

He highlighted the will and commitment of the boxers saying: “I want to congratulate the boxers who train and commit on their days off. I also thank you for inspiring your teammates. I am glad to know that this tournament returned after the pandemic.

“I offer special thanks to all those who have committed to this tournament and especially to the participants, who have shown great enthusiasm and have agreed that they will bring medals to their respective offices.”

Former world champions Carlos Zárate and Lupe Pintor, ambasaadors of this tournament, dedicated some emotional words to the attendees and especially to the brave ones who will be climbing the ring.

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