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Four rounds for Mental Health in Sonora

As part of the efforts to maintain strong mental health in young people from Sonora, the WBC University in conjunction with the Ministry of Health (SSA), the State University of Sonora, through its rector Armando Moreno Soto, inaugurated a series of conferences with the intention of promoting better conditions in Sonoran youth.

On behalf of the state governor, Alfonso Durazo Montaño, the Secretary of Health, José Luis Alomía Zegarra, welcomed those attending the event held at the facilities of the State University of Sonora.

“The idea is to go hand in hand with Public Security and with other social organizations to take care of various social issues.  We know that there is a significant prevalence of addictions in our society and we need to stop this,” stressed Alomía Zegarra.

A series of multidisciplinary talks. Firstvwas the former DEA special agent; Rockwell Herron, who has spent much of his life conducting school substance abuse prevention talks for teens and young adults.

 The Rocky program has been very successful because of the sensitivity and rawness of his material, coupled with his natural talent for linking with young people. He focused on empowering them to be aware of their choices and respect their life potential.

After Rocky’s speech, two-division world champion Oscar Valdez and his father, Oscar Valdez Sr., spoke alongside talk organizer Xochitl Lagarda, Director of WBC University, and her son.

 Both made special emphasis on the need to have a good relationship between parents and children, because the more solid this relation, the more prepared young people will be to deal with the different problems they experience in their different social circles.

Oscar Valdez

“Boxing saves lives, sport saves lives. The example that my father and my family gave me allowed me to get away from all those things. The family is very important because they are the ones who give you the foundations for not going down other paths.

“Whatever your dream is, never stop fighting for it. It may sound like a cliché, but talent without dedication is useless. Never stop and be constant”.

  “Losses and disappointments are part of life. For me it was very difficult, when you do things well and what you expect doesn’t happen, it’s hard. I made many sacrifices and what we expected did not happen, but, just as one should do outside the ring, you have to shake that, think that those are life lessond and that those setbacks make you a better person. So that’s my focus always.”

 Oscar Valdez Sr.

“No matter the age, parents must always be aware of our children. He is already an adult, he is a good young man, and will always be my son. A good relationship between parents and children is essential to avoid any type of conflict. These spaces are very necessary to give voice to all these talks that are so important in society.

To close Ricardo Monreal, President  of the Sonora State Boxing, Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts Commission and member of the WBC medical committee, presented his conference “WBC Clean Boxing Program and its positive impact”.

To conclude, Ms Xochitl Lagarda thanked the government, educational and political branches for their participation, since it is through these alliances that we can have an impact on Sonoran youth. 

The event was also attended by the great champion José Luis Castillo.

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