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From the ring unconscious straight to the hospital

Jimmy Doyle is carried from the ring unconscious to be taken straight to hospital after suffering a brutal left hook from Sugar Ray Robinson during their 1947 welterweight title bout.Robinson dropped Doyle with a devastating left hook in the 8th round, winning by TKO (the bell rang at the count of 9). Doyle never regained consciousness and subsequently died from the punch and damage sustained in the bout sadly doyle died 17 hours later.Prior too the fight Sugar Ray Robinson had a dream he killed Doyle in the fight, Robinson immediately tried to cancel the fight, but his manager with the help of a preist and minister convinced Robinson to go ahead with the fight.Robinson set up a $50 per month trust over 10 years (about $6000) for Doyle’s parents. The money came from non-title fights against “Flashy” Sebastian and Jackie Wilson that year. That sum would total about $65,500 odd dollars today.

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