You are currently viewing Humberto Gonzalez receives well-deserved WBC tribute

Humberto Gonzalez receives well-deserved WBC tribute

Humberto Gonzalez receives well-deserved WBC tribute

On  “Coffee Tuesday” the boxing family gathered to pay an emotional tribute to an outstanding boxer, considered the best light flyweight of all time.

Humberto “Chiquita” González, a fighter who shone with great splendor when he fought as pro but who undoubtedly retains his brilliance as a promoter and astute businessman.

The legendary three-time 108-pound champion is a boxing icon, admired by all and a source of inspiration for those who dream of becoming world champions.

A man who despite his fame and having obtained everything, never lost his humility, charisma, respect for the sport and above all who has always put his family first.

For the President of the WBC, Mr. Mauricio Sulaimán, Humberto is the pride of the organization, a fundamental part of the WBC, who has always been loyal to the Green and Gold.

A man who knew how to wait patiently for almost two years for the opportunity of the world title; a man who loves and lives boxing, who got bigger with each defeat and became a great idol of Mexican boxing.

“Chiquita, he is my greatest idol, one of my dad’s most beloved boxers, an exemplary man not only inside and outside the string, who conquered his dreams, the most important of them having a beautiful family.”

Humberto said that the WBC has always been his home, that it runs through his veins and that for him it has always been an honor to belong to the WBC where the best world champions reign.

Proud of his achievements, our honoree was clear in saying that his best victory is having a united family, who have been his support and engine, the best team any boxer can have.

With the good humor that characterizes him, Humberto thanked this recognition, because as he himself mentioned it is a “hug to his heart”.

With the present memories and the joy of being together, Mr. Mauricio Sulaimán, and the entire family of the champion, including his youngest grandchildren, presented a Green and Gold bracelet, so that he always remembers the affection and admiration that boxing family has for him.

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