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MBA extends it’s condolences

In our weekly meeting, the Malta Boxing Association Board of officers accepted my proposal to suspend medical certification from Boxing South Africa. This is a temporary measure pending an investigation into the short comings of medical and safety standards which may or may not have cost the life of a fighter in their jurisdiction.

The 24 year South African lightweight boxer from Kwazulu Nata,was in his 5th professional bout in a vacant WBF African Lightweight title fight-10/3(10 rounder) when the unfortunate incident occurred in round 10.

A video of Buthelezi’s final bout with Mntungwa went viral on social media and some mainstream media outlets after the referee ended the fight prematurely and caught a lot of attention due to the unusual, scary behaviour and mannerism displayed by Buthelezi after he knocked down his opponent down the canvas and nearly sends him out of the ring but he was saved by the ropes.

Buthelezi who seemed to have won the final round, turned to the neutral corner and wanted to box with the referee and threw wild punches in the air.His sudden change of behaviour in the ring got people confused and shocked, especially the referee who momentarily waived off the bout because it’s unusual and unprecedented for a boxer to behave that way.

After the referee stopped the fight,Buthelezi then collased and he was taken to the hospital and it was discovered that he suffered a brain injury which according to Doctors resulted in an internal bleeding.

According to Buthelezi’s trainer,Bheki Mngomezula, his boxer(Buthelezi)was leading the fight on points before the unfortunate incident happened.

” I really can’t explained what happened.To be honest, it was bewildering.In training and in the buildup to the fight,there was nothing untoward with regards to his condition.He was in good nick before the fight”-Said Coach Mngomezulu.

The late Simiso Buthelezi made his professional boxing debut in December 21, 2019.He died on Tuesday June 7,2022 with an official record of 5fights,1defeat,4wins and 2 of the wins came by way of knockouts,33 rounds of boxing and 40% of his knockouts status.Simiso Buthelezi never tasted defeat before his final bout last Sunday June 5,2022 against Siphesihie Mntungwa.

Africa Boxing is bereaved.I personally extend my condolences to the bereaved family in Kwazulu Nata and the regulatory body of boxing South Africa(BSA)as well as all members of boxing fraternity in Africa and across the globe.

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