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Mexico made boxing history

During the traditional “Coffee Tuesday,” we were once again moved by the images of a Zócalo Capitalino that made history by breaking the Guinness record for the largest boxing class, with a total of 14,299 participants. They were led by the legends, Ana María Torres and Mariana Juárez plus the NABF champion, David Picasso.Javier Ariel Hidalgo Ponce, general director of the CDMX sports institute, moved everyone present with a video that captured the most wonderful moments of this day that marked a before and after for boxing in CDMX.Mr. Javier Hidalgo said that Saturday, June 18th is a day to remember, as it was not only about breaking a record but also showing that teamwork, perseverance and discipline are the key to fulfilling dreams.He thanked in a very special way the Head of Government of the CDMX, Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum, because without her leadership and total commitment this would not have been possible, but also to the deputy Miguel Torruco, to the President of the WBC, Mauricio Sulaimán, to the champions but also to the Mexicans because without them this would not have been possible.He added that the training sessions were key to making the class a total success and breaking this record, and that this is the beginning of a new era for boxing in CDMX.For Deputy Miguel Torruco, Saturday was a day in which all paradigms were broken, we made history and sent a clear message to the world that Mexico is a country of unity and brotherhood, a country of peace.For Mariana Juárez, breaking this record was a joint effort of many people, she added that even now she has no words to describe the emotion of seeing so many people united practicing the sport she loves, boxing, and assured that this triumph belongs to everyone but above all from Mexico.“I have to thank so many people, which would be endless, but I will especially thank the head of government, Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum for lending us the Zocalo to dress it up for boxing and send a message to the world that together we are invincible.For me it was an honor to be part of this day with my country making history. Thank you all” -David Picasso-Finally, it was the turn of Ana María, who was emphatic in saying that the greatest pride she feels is from all those souls who dressed the Zócalo and came together with a single purpose.She thanked the Head of Government, the WBC, Mr. Javier Hidalgo and Deputy Miguel Torruco for trusting her and Mariana Juárez to be the ones to lead this massive class.For the leader of the WBC, this achievement was the result of months of work, a joint effort and, above all, the passion of the Head of Government, Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum, who spread her enthusiasm to everyone with a unique leadership.On Saturday morning Mexico and the sport that has given us so many glories put our country at the top, sending a message of unity.At this point and also extremely grateful to Javier Hidalgo, the organization’s leader recalled that young man full of dreams and big plans, Miguel Torruco, a man who today continues to work for the sport from a new trench, always with humility and commitment and who turned his energies to this great dream of breaking the Guinness Record.“This will be a day that all Mexicans will carry in our hearts and that for me is the best gift that my dad could have, because I know he was there, witnessing how boxing is the sport of Mexico” -he concluded

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