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Review of WBC Greatest Fights Opus

Review of WBC Greatest Fights Opus

Review of WBC Greatest Fights Opus

By James Blears

Every devoted fan of Boxing will cherish and delight at WBC Greatest Fights Opus Book, chronicling one hundred of the greatest World Boxing Council contests between the Greats of the Sport.

The already famed jumbo edition, which weighs in at a hefty Guinness record breaking thirty seven kilos is staining the glass topped coffee table. But there`s also a paperback version we can all enjoy without adding muscle to our biceps.

Starting from Valentine`s Day 1963, up to the here and now, this is a gift of a book which will make a sheer and absolutely marvelous stocking filler for Christmas…but why wait?

Written by Opus Chief Writer Ian Stafford, who`s a multi award-winning journalist, diverse, versatile multi- faceted interviewer, speaker, broadcaster and sage maestro of sports writing, this book contains three hundred and fifty three pages. And, for boxing fans it`s a joy to read. Part of its genius is that each fight is described in two pages. Ian`s skill is such that he`s able to capture the history, passion, pure essence and majesty of those fights within this succinct yet succulent parameter. Gold and Green nuggets! When you start reading an hour passes like a minute. If you love Boxing, you simply cannot put this book down…even for supper!

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