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Fleet of foot-fast of hand! Boxing and running

This coming May 29th, the eighth edition of the Race of Champions, which promises to merge superstars of the ring, runners and all the fans of the two sports.

So, what’s the link?

As we all know, boxing is one of the most demanding sports, requiring  unwavering discipline, since the training of a boxer comprises of gaining plus maintaining physical-athletic conditioning, rigorous training and strict maintenance of weight. Pounding the sidewalks to control the pounds. 

A sport that requires endurance, strength, speed and constant perseverance. That`s why boxers must necessarily run,  to improve cardiovascular performance. So running is the basis of EVERYTHING. 

The unlocking key to optimal performance, is the accumulation of miles in his legs to gain energy and stamina. The experts say that running increases the speed  with which the boxer launches and unleashed a series of combinations. The power portal.

It`d be a blow to miss registration! So, high time to sign up for this great event? Go to

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